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Business Law

Litigation is expensive and uncertain which is why our firm’s objective is to resolve every business and commercial litigation issues as favorably and as early as possible.

Corporate law encompasses all of the legal issues that corporations can face.

Starting a business is an exciting event, but with it, it the legal complexity and challenges. It is crucial to start your business on the right track.

Business transaction occurs when goods, services, or currency are passed between one person or business to another entity.

Trademark registration puts the rest of the world on notice that you claim ownership of the mark in commerce in connection with the relevant goods or services.

Each country imposes different import and export control laws and regulations, to determine if your items are subject to another country's laws and regulations, an import-export lawyer can guide you through the customs laws and international trade issues.

Business law and immigration are intertwine and it is becoming more and more difficult for employers. It is important to understand the opportunities and requirements available under investment-based visas and employer-sponsored visas.