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Litigation in of itself is a complex matter; however, tax litigation further this complexity by involving in the procedural options throughout the unusual life of a tax dispute, which can last to more than ten years. Tax litigation always involve the same opposing party - the Internal Revenue Service. Sometimes you cannot avoid litigating a tax controversy with the IRS, federal, state, local and foreign tax authorities.

Our goal is to fight for a favorable resolution for taxpayers without going to court. However, if litigation is the best and only option for your tax issues, the prominent attorneys at Mamdani Law, PLLC will be by your side fighting for you against the government’s case.

Companies often face complex disputes with other business, individuals, or government entities, which require an understanding of both business issues and the industry of the client. Whether your dispute involves breach of duty, finances, insurance, partnership, business formation, or intellectual property, the litigation team at Mamdani Law will fight for you and your business.

Litigation is expensive and uncertain which is why our firm’s objective is to resolve every business and commercial litigation issues as favorably and as early as possible.