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Chapter 72 - Licensing and Registration

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Chapter 72 - Licensing and Registration


Sec. 7001. Collection of foreign items

(a)   License
All persons undertaking as a matter of business or for profit the collection of foreign payments of interest or dividends by means of coupons, checks, or bills of exchange shall obtain a license from the Secretary and shall be subject to such regulations enabling the Government to obtain the information required under subtitle A (relating to income taxes) as the Secretary shall prescribe.

(b)   Penalty for failure to obtain license
For penalty for failure to obtain the license provided for in
this section, see section 7231.


Sec. 7011. Registration - persons paying a special tax

(a)   Requirement
Every person engaged in any trade or business on which a special tax is imposed by law shall register with the Secretary his name or style, place of residence, trade or business, and the place where such trade or business is to be carried on. In case of a firm or company, the names of the several persons constituting the same, and the places of residence, shall be so registered.

(b)   Registration in case of death or change of location
Any person exempted under the provisions of section 4905 from the payment of a special tax, shall register with the Secretary in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary.

Sec. 7012. Cross references

(1)   For provisions relating to registration in connection with firearms, see sections 58025841, and 5861.

(2)   For special rules with respect to registration by persons engaged in receiving wagers, see section 4412.

(3)   For provisions relating to registration in relation to the taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, see section 4101.

(4)   For penalty for failure to register, see section 7272.

(5)   For other penalties for failure to register with respect to wagering, see section 7262.