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Business Transactions


"Business transaction occurs when goods, services, or currency are passed between one person or business to another entity."


International business transaction

International business transaction is the basic method of doing business abroad. When conducting business abroad, there are greater risks involve. To limit the risks in international business transactions, the international business transaction agreement or contract is the primary tool.

Contract drafting and review

Contracts are the foundation of doing business. Contracts are crucial to operating your business legally and safely. Though each business is unique, each requires the need for high-quality contracts. A contract establishes the rules for the role of owners, directors, members, employees, and independent contractors. It also established the terms of services and payment with outside vendors and outlining the obligations of the business and the customers.

drafting and negotiating commercial lease

There are two-folds to every commercial lease agreement.

First, if the Grant of Interest in Real Property.
Second, Contract between Landlord and Tenant.

Before signing a lease agreement, carefully investigate the terms of the lease to ensure the lease meets all your needs.

non-compete & confidential agreements

Employer may use a non-compete agreement to prevent a former employee from capitalizing on the goodwill and compete against the original employer. A non-compete agreement can also protect a business’ confidential information. It can also protect the relationship a business has with its customers.

partnership contracts

A partnership agreement governs the relationship between two or more partners. It establishes the ground rules of the partnership’s governance and operations and it governs each party’s responsibilities to the business and to other partners.

Employment agreement

An experience attorney can draft, review and negotiate any business contracts and employee contracts. The most common legal needs of businesses include real estate contracts, financing agreements, employee contract, non-compete agreements, contract for sales of goods and services, and other commercial real estate agreements.