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Business Immigration


"Business law and immigration are intertwine and it is becoming more and more difficult for employers. It is important to understand the opportunities and requirements available under investment-based visas and employer-sponsored visas."


L - visas

L-1 visa is helps facilitate the temporary transfer of foreign worker in managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge category of employment to the U.S. with an office of the same employer, its parent, branch, affiliate or subsidiary.


  1. L-1 visa holder may live and work legally in the US.
  2. L-1 visa holder may travel within and outside the US.
  3. Spouse and children under 21 years of age are eligible to accompany L-1 visa holder on L-2 visa.
  4. Allows foreign company, which does not yet have an affiliated office in the US, to establish a US branch.
  5. Spouses of L1 visa holders (L2 visa holders) are allowed to work in the US without restriction.
  6. Children of L-1 visa holders can attend school in the US.
  7. The L1 visa is a dual intent visa.  It allows L-1 visa holders to apply for a Green Card from L1 visa status and acquire permanent residency.

E - Visas

The Treaty Trader/ Investor Visa is for citizens of countries with which the U.S. maintains treaties of commerce and navigation, or a similar agreement.

There are two (2) categories for E-Visa

  1. E-1: Traders Visa is for individual coming to the US to carry on substantial trade.
  2. E-2: Investors Visa is for individuals coming to the U.S. to invest a substantial amount of capital or to direct and develop the business operations of an entity in which the individual has already invested funds